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Growing Sales

8&9 Consulting’s experience includes growing dental lab sales by as much as 80% in just a single quarter, due to the immediate growth opportunities most labs have. This is because most dental labs lack effective sales tools and leadership to drive strong growth initiatives.

Let 8&9 Consulting help you start growing your labs sales today. 


Understanding a dental lab's key areas of value & designing focused messaging to grow sales, connecting effectively with clients & setting the lab apart for increased new customer leads and sales.

Hire & Train

Hiring and training sales reps, and working with existing ones, designing effective comp plans and training the team  to understand dentists’ needs and promote their dental lab as a solution to  their challenges.


Planning for new and existing territories through analysis of their total value  and current market share. By setting goals, calculating ROIs, and devising strategies to optimize growth and performance in each region.


Creating or updating existing CRM and other selling tools, and provide training on their use,  to optimize the process and effectiveness of selling dental lab products and services to dentists.

Client, Confidential

"After 18 months of amazing, highly profitable, growth, I literally told David he may have to slow down growing our dental lab."
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