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Designing Compensation Plans

One of the most important aspects of running a profitable dental lab is creating effective compensation plans that motivate and attract top talent for technical, operational, sales and customer service departments. Misalignments between financial incentives and the performance metrics developed that drive the lab forward can impede a labs success.  

Let 8&9 Consulting help you start creating effective compensation plan that motivate the team and improve your labs sales and profitability. 


Using a deep-rooted understanding of the dental lab industry, operations, financials and customer needs, and each department and role, to create customized compensation plans for each.


Creating compensation plans that target the operational, quality, financial and sales KPI’s each department, or individual, has control over.


Having incentivizing compensation plans that empower employees to take ownership of their roles and performance goals, strive for excellence and motivate others.


Ensuring compensation plans always tie to the goals of the dental lab and its specific targets, KPI’s and metrics developed for the overall success of the lab.

Client, Confidential

"After 18 months of amazing, highly profitable, growth, I literally told David he may have to slow down growing our dental lab."
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