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8&9 specializes in providing the expertise your lab needs to achieve greater growth and profitability while improving quality and reducing owner's workload. 

Growing Sales

8&9 Consulting’s experience includes growing dental lab sales by as much as 80% in just a single quarter, due to the immediate growth opportunities most labs have. This is because most dental labs lack effective sales tools and leadership to drive strong growth initiatives. 

Improving Profitability

Like sales, many labs have a great and immediate opportunity to improve their profitability. This often stems from an incomplete understanding of the financial metrics, as well as reporting tools, that are essential for dental lab owners and managers to enhance profitability. 

Improving Operations

Reaching impressive levels of operational performance involves a deep-rooted understanding of the dental lab business, its operations, the job roles and capabilities, and the successful tools and strategies required to solve challenges and succeed in each area.


Budgeting is the “name of the game” and something overlooked or not managed by many dental labs. This is often due to a lack of understanding regarding how and where to set budget targets and to whom to assign the responsibilities of meeting, or beating, them.

Setting Goals & KPIs

Many dental labs struggle to find the right KPIs to support their goals. This can create a lack of unity between ownership and management, and their teams, and deteriorate the motivation necessary to succeed. This lack of clarity can lead to significant missed opportunities toward a dental lab's sustained growth, improved profitability, and quality. 

Designing Compensation

One of the most important aspects of running a profitable dental lab is creating effective compensation plans that motivate and attract top talent for technical, operational, sales and customer service departments. Misalignments between financial incentives and the performance metrics developed that drive the lab forward can impede a labs success.

Executive Coaching

In the evolving landscape of the dental lab industry, the importance of executive coaching with deep industry knowledge, cannot be overstated. Coaching relationship with an expert means dental lab owners and their teams can leverage trusted expertise to address challenges and opportunities.

Client, Confidential

"After 18 months of amazing, highly profitable, growth, I literally told David he may have to slow down growing our dental lab."
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