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I have enjoyed a history of success having started and sold two dental laboratories and medical software, speaking, authoring and consulting. It began at my father’s lab where I took an immediate interest in the business and worked as a technician in every department and eventually in management. 

My passion for business led me to take a VP of Sales & Marketing position with one of the largest labs in the Northeast where I remained for several years until getting married and moving to Dallas, Texas in 1999.

My Story

In 2000, I started Dale Dental as America’s first dental technology super center for other dental labs. Dale Dental manufactured the latest and most high-tech dental restorations for dental labs throughout the United States which I took form startup to 5,000 customers throughout the USA. Dale Dental became the exclusive US distributor for several well-known products including BioCad CAD/CAM implant bars, now the All-on-4 Noble Procera, Compartis ISUS implant bars, now Atlantis Abutments and Etkon CAD/CAM, now Straumann.  In addition, we created our own branded products responsible for millions of dollars in annual sales. 

In 2003 I began architecting the dental industry’s first cloud-based dental lab management and dental practice management software. I hired a team of programmers, and the original version of the software went live a year later in 2004. By 2017 we architected and coded over two million lines of code encompassing features from scheduling, client logins, banking, merchant services and FedEx API’s, purchase orders, vendor management inventory, complete OSHA and FDA GMP compliance, real time advertisement generation based on client purchasing history, and more. 

In 2010, Dale Dental became the manufacturer of the All-on-4 bars for ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers. It was here that I got to know its founder, Dr. Don Miloni, and began a consulting role serving as the company’s interim Vice President of Laboratory Operations for 18 months, until the company was sold to Catterton Partners. 




In 2014 I started Concert Dental Labs backed by a group of investors. Concert worked with dentists and provided restorations we proved would seat faster than our competitors, following through on our tagline “the Best Seats in the House.” David retired from Concert in early 2018 after selling a majority interest to its original investors. 
Throughout each business, I used my understanding of the dental industry to create unique positioning, and high-performing sales and marketing strategies that focused on customer acquisition, clinical excellence, reducing customer churn and increasing sales and profitability. 


I sold Dale Dental, Concert Dental Labs and the software in mid 2018.






In 2019 I began providing consulting to work with dental lab owners and managers, medical device companies, DSO’s and other medical specialties on improving operations and sales, growing profitability, finding new opportunities and solving challenges to their business. 

I love making a difference for my clients, their teams, clients and patients. I have hired and trained dozens of sales representatives and served as interim sales management for dental labs and medical device manufacturers to create or improve their sales process and results.This client wanted to improve the performance of their existing sales team, which I estimated I could improve by at least 30% in a single quarter. The actual result turned out to be 87%

I have also consulted on many dental lab software purchases, setups and integrations, provided turnaround consulting and interim management for in-house labs, integrated CRM’s, sought out and advised on strategic partnerships, M&A and capital raises, exits and more. 

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