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Setting Goals & KPIs

Many dental labs struggle to find the right KPIs to support their goals. This can create a lack of unity between ownership and management, and their teams, and deteriorate the motivation necessary to succeed. This lack of clarity can lead to significant missed opportunities toward a dental lab's sustained growth, improved profitability, and quality.

Let 8&9 Consulting help you start creating effective KPIs that get everyone motivated and on the same page, for your dental lab today.


Resolve uncertainty, fine-tune overarching goals, and develop the supporting financial, operational, sales, quality, and other necessary targets needed to achieve them.


Create clear and measurable KPIs and supporting metrics, specific to the technical managers, customer service team, sales, and other departments that tie to reaching the established goals, 


Create accurate, timely,  easily accessible reporting to provide a comprehensive view of the decision-making information needed to achieve each assigned leader's or team's KPIs.


Show managers and the team how to read reports and use tools so they can make observational and data-driven decisions for the ongoing refinement necessary for reaching their established KPIs.

Client, Confidential

"After 18 months of amazing, highly profitable, growth, I literally told David he may have to slow down growing our dental lab."
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