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Understanding Dental Laboratory Profitability

What is the Goal for Your Dental Lab Today?

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Webinar Series: Understanding & Improving Profitability

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Episode 1: Demystifying & Using Your Income Statement to Improve Profitability

Tuesday, March 7, 7:30 ET

Pay What You Want pricing that lets you try before you buy.  See details below

About this Episode

In this one-hour episode, you will learn how to read the most important report showing how your dental lab generates profit, the income statement. You will learn how to use the income statement, and versions of it, as a tool to understand and improve your dental labs profitability.

Every dental laboratory has an income statement, also called the P&L. For many, the income statement is a complicated page of numbers and something only their accountant uses to record income and expenses of the lab. 

Yet the income statement is the single most important tool, and only tool, for understanding how your dental lab generates profit from the revenue it takes in. By using the income statement, you can easily understand your costs to produce your products, breakeven and more. 

We will demystify and simplify, the income statement, review its major sections and show you how to use each section as a “Lever of Profitability” for your dental lab.

You will learn:

  • What is the income statement, why does it matter and how can you use it to improve profitability.

  • What are the major sections of the income statement and how does each act with other areas.

  • How to use the income statement sections as “Levers of Profitability” to improve the profitability of your dental lab. 

  • Where to think in percentages vs dollars on the income statement.

  • How to quickly know your dental laboratory’s breakeven, for any period, even by the day. 

  • How to use the knowledge of your dental laboratory’s breakeven to drive profitability.

Who Should Attend

  • Dental lab owners, managers, investors and stakeholders seeking to understand the reports that give critical insight into what creates profitability.

  • Dental professionals selling products to dental laboratories seeking a greater understanding into the economics and profitability of a dental lab.


Tuesday, March 7th, 7:30 Eastern Time
Format: Zoom Event
Cost: $399, Early Bird $299 before February 24th or Pay What You Want after the event. See details below

Pay What You Want Pricing
We understand it's impossible to know what something will be worth, before you try it. That's why we're using Pay What You Want pricing. Click the zoom button and registration link that follows and simply choose the Pay What You Want ticket option. Registering with this option will let you attend the entire course at no charge, no commitment and without entering any payment information. After the course you can choose how much you want to pay, or simply pay nothing at all.

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