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Recruiting and Building the Best Team for Your Dental Laboratory

Your experts in finding and recruiting the right talent for your dental laboratory

At 8&9, we've spent decades hiring hundreds of managers, team leaders, technicians, sales reps and customer service team members for our own dental labs. This highly specialized experience means we better understand the lab owners needs and know how to interview candidates and assess a mutual alignment before they are proposed to your lab. We take the time to learn about our candidates through regular discussions, sometimes over years, about their journey and goals to ensure we find the right fit for the new hire and new lab. The results are making faster, better hires, that last longer, with less work and wasted time.

With 8&9 Recruiting, you get:

  • Expert knowledge of the dental laboratory business and candidate market.

  • Thousands of applicants already in our database, already interviewed and keyword tagged by expertise, skills, experience and specialties, making finding the most qualified candidates faster for you. 

  • Consultation on current market conditions and pay ranges based on position, experience and geography.

  • Compensation plan design including base, bonus, commissions and other pay that incentivizes your team.

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