Former Dental Lab Owner Wants to Help Other Labs Grow

Updated: May 26

Starts innovative consulting programs for dental labs of all sizes

Dallas – TX, Nov 12, 2018 — David Lesh, founder of Dale Dental and Concert Dental Labs is pleased to announce the formation of 8&9 Dental Lab Consulting. Through this consulting firm, David will offer his help and support to labs of all sizes to get their lab “front and center” in the dental industry.

Flat-Priced, Affordable and Effective

Consulting programs are flat-priced and affordable and cover improving sales and marketing, improving profitability, finance, operations, HR, organizational structure, clinical results and FDA compliance as well as monthly coaching calls and more. A full list of David’s dental lab consulting programs are available at the company website”

When asked about pricing, Lesh said, “pricing is affordable and discounted for smaller labs. I grew up watching my dad at the bench and building his dental lab. Years later I started Dale Dental and I felt like I was helping family when I worked with every one of our customers. I liked being part of other lab's success then, and I want to be a contributor to other lab's success now, through my consulting with them.” In addition to a list of consulting services provided, the 8&9 website also features a monthly blog designed to help labs with common challenges Lesh sees them most regularly face.

About David Lesh

David started Dale Dental in 2000 and grew it to almost 5,000 dental lab customers and started Concert Dental Labs in 2014, which grew to millions in annual sales in just a few years, before selling both companies in early 2018. David has authored dozens of lab industry articles for Dental Lab Products Report and Spectrum Dialogue and spoke on stages for Cal Lab, the American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry, and many regional dental lab meetings.