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Introducing the new Articulating Dental Laboratory Profitability Online Course Series

August 21, 2023 - 8&9 Consulting is pleased to announce Articulating Dental Laboratory

Profitability, the new online course series designed to show dental lab owners and managers how to grow their labs’ sales and profitability and improve their operations.

The First Course: Understanding Dental Laboratory Profitability will debut in September 2023. Topics will include how profit is generated in a dental lab and how factors such as customer types, pricing and product mixes, and expense categories affect that profit.

It will show how to create profitability-related KPIs, assign and manage to them, and create a more focused approach to increasing profitability.

"This series offers a roadmap, the ideas and actionable skill sets to manage a more successful, more profitable, well-run dental lab," says David Lesh of 8&9 Consulting.

Why Articulating Dental Laboratory Profitability:

• Industry Specific Content: ADLP uses dental lab financials, reports, products, vendors and customer types to address the situations and challenges dental labs face, making the information easy to learn from and apply.

• Comprehensive: ADLP course topics include growing sales, improving profitability, the lements of revenue, COGS and SG&A, running smoother operations, creating clear goals and KPIs, improving quality, using CRMs, dental sales excellence and more.

• Virtual Workshop: A free event scheduled approximately three weeks after the release of each course for further, live discussions and Q&A on each topic.

• Affordable and Risk-Free: Affordably priced with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 12 months of unlimited access.

About Your Instructor: David Lesh began his career as a laboratory technician, followed by 25 years starting and operating single and multi-location labs, developing software, training and managing sales teams, authoring, speaking, and consulting with dental labs, device manufacturers, and technology companies to grow their sales and profitability.

About 8&9 Consulting: 8&9 Consulting provides strategic advisory to improve dental lab sales, profitability, and operations. Through individualized consulting, online courses, and coaching, 8&9 supports dental lab owners, managers, and industry professionals in achieving their goals.

Learn more and sign up to stay informed about new courses at

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