8&9 Consulting manages your dental lab relationships

By having 8&9 Consulting manage your dental practices business relationships with its labs, we will ...


  1. Ensure your lab is giving you the best quality, best technicians and on time performance with every case.

  2. Ensure you have a favorable remakes policy and not paying for remakes you shouldn't be.

  3. Audit, inspect and review every lab invoice and statement to ensure accuracy, no duplicates or additional unexpected charges.

  4. Help you find and try new labs based on the indications, materials, results and price you are seeking.

This service is 100% guaranteed to save you money while improving the quality and performance you get from your dental lab, all while reducing costs and unnecessary stress for you and your team. We never take any form of compensation whatsoever from any dental labs for recommending them to you, so our recommendations are always unbiased and based on your needs!

We bill you monthly for this service and you never have to pay any invoice for any reason at your sole discretion if you are not completely satisfied.  Find out more today