How much does it cost?

For just a couple hundred dollars a week, you can get strated making big improvments in your sales, profitability and cashlow. There are no commitments or contracts and you can stop any time.

How do I know if I need your services?

If you have continued or recurring challenges you've been unable to solve, if your sales growth or profitability has been stagnant or in a decline, or if you are heading down a road with your business you've never gone before, these could all be signs and reasons you could use a little help.

I've been in the lab industry and working with labs my whole life. All to often lab owners are skeptical about getting outside help, yet remain saddled by the same challenges. Consulting with me makes it easy to get the experienced support you need without having to hire someone full time.

Don't you need to be at my lab?

It depends based on the lab size and complexity of what we're doing. Typically a minimum of a one-day meeting in person, getting to know each other and your business is ideal but not always necessary. I will put together and provide you with the solutions for your project, if you want me to be onsite to help you with implementation of those solutions, that is optional as well, however again it is mostly not necessary.

What kind of ideas or solutions can you offer?

I have done many things to dramatically improve costs, improve clinical results, generate leads, reduce customer churn, implement and integrate new software solutions, get exclusive distribution deals from major companies, get co-marketing dollars from material and technology suppliers and purchased and commercialized practically every technology and restoration in the industry. I'm sure I may have idea that could be useful to your and your lab.

What program do you recommend to do first?

If you know a particular challenge you’re facing, we can start with that. However we can also start with a lab review where I look at your sales, expenses, profitability, clinical performance and more and provide a report that details what I believe are your best, and easiest to pursue, areas of opportunity.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

I know where to look and what to do, so generally I can help you start identifying where to start first and begin making big changes in just a week or two. The billing is weekly and how long you keep me on is completely up to you.

Who does the consulting?

Every visit, every call will be 100% with me. It’s like having a great business partner, but without any of the hassles!

Is there any guarantee?

Yes! I don’t want anyone to be unhappy with anything we do together. If you didn’t think our time was worth it, just don’t pay! It’s that easy.

Why do you want to help other labs?

I grew up watching my dad make teeth in the basement of our house from the time I was five years old. I watched him grow the lab and move it out of the house where I worked for him in both managerial and technical capacities for 10 years. I grew up in it, been in it my whole life and always loved it. I’ve built and sold two labs and now I sincerely want to help other lab owners be as successful as they can be!

Is it confidential?

Yes. I will provide you with a signed non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement. Typically before we start working together, but happy to send it to you prior to our first call, if you’d prefer. Just let me know.