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Building Your Dental Labs Sales Strategy with Tools, CRM Integrations & Actionable Data  

Helping dental lab teams create and maintain superior growth through organized, actionable customer data

Dental laboratories often have significant, unrealized growth opportunities, due to antiquated, or non-existent CRM’s and other selling tools and sales processes. Not using the latest tools creates disorganization and inefficiencies within the sales team, decreasing effectiveness while increasing selling costs and leaving valuable territories open for competitors.  

8&9’s decades of experience creating effective, efficient selling systems using the latest CRM and other technologies, can give your sales initiative the right tools, configured the right way for your sales initiative to succeed.  

With 8&9 Sales Strategies, you get:

  • The creation of selling strategies and tools for your dental laboratory.

  • Territory analysis, database development and segmentation of prospective, current and lost customers.

  • CRM selection and integration of data for centralization, monitoring and measuring of all sales & marketing activities through custom fields, sales funnels and dashboards.

  • Team training on CRM and other sales tools used in the day-to-day selling, reporting and analysis of customer data. 

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