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8&9 Dental Laboratory Consulting

8&9 Consulting makes  running your dental laboratory easier and more profitable. 8&9 helps dental lab owners organize and understand their financials, build a sales team, smooth out operations and recruit the best technicians and managers.

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Jim Glidewell
Dental Laboratory

"I met David when he started his first company over 20 years ago.


His experience and understanding of the dental lab industry have made him a great thought leader, and I am glad to see he’s sharing that through consulting and speaking.


His insights on the dental lab industry are always worth knowing and he has an energy that’s fun to be around."

"I have known David for over 10 years and interacted with him numerous times as participants in dental and dental laboratory meetings together. We’ve shared views on many areas of dentistry and participated together on several programs." 

"David is a very innovative and creative person and a stimulating leader who knows the dental and dental lab industries very well. If you have any needs that could benefit from his expertise, you will not find a better candidate."

Don MIloni ClearChoice.jpeg

Dr. Don Miloni 
ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

"I brought David on to be our interim VP of Dental Lab Operations where he oversaw all aspects of our 23 dental labs, their performance, HR and manufacturing of our all-on-four implant prosthetics.

David's knowledge of dental lab operations, leadership and management style allowed our team to focus on growing our dental practices. I would highly recommend David for any strategic or management considerations any dental organization may have."

Dr. Gordon J. Christensen
Clinicians Report Foundation & Practical Clinical Courses

Sasha Der Avanessian.jpeg

Sasha Der Avanessian
Harvest Dental

"David is a consummate visionary entrepreneur who has demonstrated a knack for uncovering the right innovation at the right time.

His expertise in identifying operational pain points and restructuring labs for scalable, profitable growth is one that I myself and harvest continue to frequently draw upon."

Judy Fishman LMT.jpeg

Judy Fishman
LMT Communications

"David’s diverse experience in the laboratory community coupled with his quick mind and business acumen make him a powerfully valuable, results-oriented asset to any dental laboratory.”

Pam Johnson IDT.jpeg

Pam Johnson
Founding Editor
Inside Dental Technology

“David has always been ahead of the curve in his ability to predict the needs and trends of a rapidly transforming dental lab industry.

This foresight has served him well throughout his career as he continues to apply his experience advising others on how to best prepare their business for future success.” 

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