Dental Lab Sales Rep Management

Whether you have a sales team, tried to hire one already, or are ready to add your first rep. Our sales management service is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to ensure a steady stream of profitable new dentists each month.

CRM Consultation & Configuration

Every dental lab needs a CRM as a centralized place to keep all current account records and gather and follow up with new prospects. We can help you choose the best CRM for your dental lab and configure it to meet your dental lab's exact needs.

Sales Training

Our sales techniques are designed specifically for selling dental lab restorations and services to dentists and are practically guaranteed to help your reps improve the number of new dentists each month without resorting to the use of coupons, or promotions.  

Sales Rep Coaching

One-on-one sales coaching with your reps can transform almost any rep into a sales superstar, give your reps more confidence and dramatically improve the number and value of their wins for your dental lab.

Sales Rep Territory Design & Management

Start finding and selling in more valuable and profitable territories today. We can help you determine new territory potential, map prospective dentists, and divide, assign and create sales plans for each territory.

Compensation Models

Stuck trying to design compensation models that motivate and incentive your team while staying within your lab's budget? Get our compensation models for sales reps, techs, and managers that motivate the team and are aligned with your dental lab's goals.

FDA Compliance

Let us get your lab FDA compliant faster, and for less money than you ever thought possible. 

Lab Management Software

Don't limit your business and efficiencies to what your current software can do. We have experience building dental lab software and using practically every lab management software available today. Let us work with you to understand each and choose and implement the best software for your dental lab.

Bonus Compensation Plans

Our bonus plans are built around the KPI's that drive your dental lab's success. We build the data collection tools and reports that keep everyone focused on reaching the customer and company-facing KPI's.  

Dental Lab Accounting

Increase the value of your lab and improve actual cash flow with financials and operational consulting. Finally, see and understand the numbers that matter most to your dental lab

Start improving profitability and cash flow, and having the most profitable months in your dental lab's history.