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Outsourced Sales Management

Whether you have a sales team, tried to hire one already or ready to add your first rep, my outsourced sales management service is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to ensure a steady stream of profitable new dentists each month. 

CRM Consultation & Configuration

Every business needs a CRM as a centralized place to keep all current dentists account records and gather and follow up on new prospective accounts. I can help choose the best CRM for your dental lab and configure it to meet your dental labs exact needs.

Sales Training

My sales techniques are designed specifically for selling dental lab products to dentists are practically guaranteed to help your reps win 50% more dentists each month without the use of discounts and promotions.  

Sales Rep Coaching

My one-on-one sales coaching with your reps can transform almost any rep into a sales superstar, give your reps more confidence and dramatically improve the number and value of their wins for your dental laboratory.

Territory Design & Management

Start finding and selling in more valuable and profitable markets today. I can help you determine new territory potential, map prospective customer databases and divide, assign and create sales plans for each territory.

Compensation Models

If you're stuck designing compensation models that motivate and incentive your team while staying within your budget, this service is for you. 

I design compensation models from scratch or redesign existing comp plans for sales reps, managers and entire companies that motivate the team and are aligned with your company's goals.

FDA Compliance

Let us get, and keep, your lab FDA compliant faster, and for less money, than you ever thought possible. 

Lab Management Software

Don't limit your business and efficiencies to what your current software can do. Let us show you how better integration or a custom platform can improve your lab. 

Bonus Compensation Plans

Plans designed to align company and client Key Performance Indicators with technical, manager or sales rep compensation.  

Profitability & Cashflow

Increase the value of your lab and improve actual cashflow with financials and operational consulting. I have helped lab owners dramatically improve profitability and cash flow and even have their most profitable months in their labs history. I can do it for your dental laboratory too.

DSO, Group & Solo Practice Dental Lab Consulting

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Contact me today to find out about Lab Spend Management Consulting programs. These programs are designed to help solo, group and DSO dental practices understand and better manage their spend with their dental labs, improve lab relationships, product consistency and timeliness.