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Bookkeeping, Accounting & Management Reporting for Dental Laboratories

Giving dental lab owners and managers clear, actionable, financial reports to manage profitability

We understand the disconnect that often occurs between dental laboratory owners and their accounting team.


We also know how this disconnect results in a lack of the accurate information dental lab owners and managers need to make important business decisions about their business and plan for its profitability.


8&9's bookkeeping and reporting provides lab owners, managers and investors key insights into the financial information they need to understand and improve the economics and profitability for their dental lab.

With 8&9 outsourced bookkeeping for your dental lab, you get:

  • All bookkeeping for your dental laboratory with an accurate chart of accounts showing the true picture of your dental laboratory’s economics and its "Levers of Profitability."

  • Clear, easy-to-understand reports showing your dental laboratory's cost of goods sold, breakeven, and other profitability KPI's. 

  • Customized dental lab specific reports with key metrics management can use to track and improve profitability. 

  • Complete payroll processing, accounts payable & receivable.

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