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Building, Training & Managing Your Dental Lab’s Sales Team

What is the Goal for Your Dental Lab Today?

Bookkeeping, Accounting & Reporting 

Webinar Series: Understanding & Improving Profitability

Recruiting the Best Managers & Technicians

Building & Managing an Effective Sales Team

Sales CRM, Consultation & Integration

Dental Laboratory Management Software Selection & Integration

Creating a more knowledgeable, motivated sales team for your dental laboratory

Dental laboratory sales teams are often created and managed by stakeholders lacking strong sales leadership experience, or sales leaders without experience selling lab products and services to dentists. 8&9 bridges that knowledge gap by providing its decades of sales leadership and industry expertise to sales leadership and its teams resulting in more motivated and effective selling.

With 8&9 Sales Team Management, you get

  • Experienced hiring, training and coaching for your sales leaders and their teams.

  • Thoughtfully designed sales compensation plans that inspire and incentivize sales teams while fitting in your labs budgets and meeting its sales goals. 

  • Education of the marketplace and value propositions that make your dental labs unique benefits, products or services stand out. 

  • Teaching, coaching and role-playing solution-based selling styles designed to understand challenges and propose solutions, that create value-based wins and generate more sales with less discounting. 

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