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Webinar Series: Understanding & Improving Profitability in the Dental Laboratory

What is the Goal for Your Dental Lab Today?

Bookkeeping, Accounting & Reporting 

Webinar Series: Understanding & Improving Profitability

Recruiting the Best Managers & Technicians

Building & Managing an Effective Sales Team

Sales CRM, Consultation & Integration

Dental Laboratory Management Software Selection & Integration

Helping dental lab owners and managers understand and improve the "levers of profitability" in their dental lab

The 8&9 webinar series is designed to educate dental lab owners and managers about how to read their labs income statement to understand their mechanics of profitability. Most lab owners and managers run their lab “in the dark,” looking at the income statement only in a reflective way. However, the income statement is most valuable in a strategic way to find and make the changes that can dramatically improve profitability. 

With the 8&9 Webinar Series, you get

  • What is the income statement, what does it show and how can it be used to improve the profits in a dental laboratory.

  • What are the labs “levers of profitability, how to analyze and improve each section to prioritize and maximize the profit opportunity held within each.

  • A deep dive into each section of the income statement and how to examine and understand these sections by product and customer type.

  • What is the dental labs breakeven, on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, even daily. 

  • What happens after breakeven and how profit is generated after that point.

  • Key performance indicators that show both the clinical and financial KPI’s each department of your dental lab can control. 

Episode 1 

Understand the economics of your dental laboratory to improve efficiency, reduce COGS and increase Gross Margin and your bottom line.

Coming This March 6th, 7:30 ET

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