The Financial Numbers You Need for Your Dental Lab - Made Easy

Let 8&9 Dental Laboratory Consulting take the guesswork out of your dental lab's financials, with easy-to-understand monthly reports showing you and your team the numbers that matter most and how to improve them.

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From an Experienced
Dental Lab Owner

Something no other accounting or bookkeeping firm can ever do ... "say they know your dental lab business." 8&9 is run by David Lesh, a technician for his first decade in the industry, 20-year CDT and founder of two of the highest technology dental labs in the world before selling them in 2018.


COGS Reporting

Typically, within just the first month, you will understand what your costs are to produce the restorations you make at your lab, the components that go into those costs and what your targets should likely be. 8&9 Monthly reporting even includes an extra set of "Manager Reports" that focus solely on the COGS for the lab team and fixed expenses for your office managers. 

Breakeven Reporting

Now, understand the monthly breakeven numbers for your dental lab and understand what happens before and after reaching breakeven. You will know and manage your lab by understanding everything that goes into breakeven and see this information in clear monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.


Easy Bookkeeping

We can show your existing admin or bookkeeper how to enter your sales and expenses or we can do all the bookkeeping for you.

Plus we can keep your current financials unchanged so your current tax accountant can continue as usual. We simply reformat the financials, in our software, so they can be used as a powerful management tool.

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Built-in Triggers, Targets and Warnings

Our monthly, quarterly and annual reports will alert you about trends and variances where your lab is heading, or going, over budget. Catch these trends early on so you can manage them effectively before they eat away at your dental lab's profitability.

Quickbooks Partner

Using Quickbooks online, desktop or server? 8&9 Uses all the latest Quickbooks software and tools to make it easy and seamless to work together. Just add us as an accountant user in Quickbooks and we can do the rest.